Celebrating the Match: Your Future Starts Now

Published March 14, 2023

Inside OME News Residency Match

To all fourth-year students participating in the National Resident Matching Program Main Residency Match, congratulations on making it to Match Week! You should be extremely proud of all you’ve accomplished. Whether you got an email on Monday saying that you matched, or you’re going through the Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP) process, the work you’ve put in to get to this week is worth celebrating.

Matching into residency is more than a career milestone, it's a culmination of years of sacrifice. This week is a reminder of the resilience and dedication it takes to become a DO, and we're honored to be a part of your journey.


If you need encouragement or support heading toward Match Day on Friday, our community is here for you. Our Match Resource Center will be frequently updated with information, tips and advice, and more than 20 osteopathic medical educators, administrators, residents and students join me in sharing their messages of excitement, reassurance and pride.


Last year, osteopathic medical students achieved a record-breaking 91.3 percent Match rate. Post-SOAP, 98 percent of DO students placed. We can’t wait to see and share this year’s Match results and are thrilled that you decided to Choose DO as your pathway to practice. The entire osteopathic medical education community continues to be inspired by everything you’ve accomplished and overcome. Your future starts now, and your futures are bright!

Students throw their hands up in the air in celebration