AACOM Academic Recognition Program

Health Disparities and Health Equity

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The nation’s colleges of osteopathic medicine are committed to increasing medical student diversity and ensuring medical education is accessible to all. AACOM is helping its member colleges achieve this goal by launching a new program dedicated to supplementing instruction around health equity and health disparities.

The first program on Health Disparities and Health Equity will consist of 10 modules delivered asynchronously online using AACOM’s Learning Management System. The program was developed for third-year osteopathic medical students and designed as a supplemental offering to better understand disparities and where they exist across marginalized populations. Completion of all ten modules in the first program is a prerequisite for students to register for future programs. 

These are non-credit-bearing programs. There is a $100 administrative fee per program and students will receive a certificate of recognition and a lapel pin to signify completion.

Registration for the first program on Health Disparities and Health Equity is open and students can now access the ten modules.

Students Reflect on First-of-its-Kind Health Equity Program

In this interview, three osteopathic medical students who participated in the pilot phase share their experiences. 

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