Cram Session in Joint Mobilization Techniques: A Handbook for Students & Clinicians

April 15, 2016

By David C. Berry, PhD; Leisha M. Berry, MS

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Part of the Cram Session series, this handbook is an informative, easy-to-digest reference for joint mobilization techniques. Students will find this to be an efficient and effective study guide while practitioners can refer to the text for a refresher or as a valuable reference source.

The material is organized into handy tables so that students and clinicians can quickly identify specific information. These tables include a detailed text on joint anatomy, biomechanics, and important anatomic landmarks. 

Instructions for each joint mobilization technique includes a detailed description of the goal of the maneuver, the recommended positioning of the patient and practitioner, and how to perform the mobilization technique. Students and practitioners alike will find this handbook to be a comprehensive and accessible resource on joint mobilization techniques.