AACOM 2019 Health Policy Fellows Convene in Washington, DC

Published December 20, 2019

Osteopathic Health Policy Fellowship

From left: Bernadette Riley, DO; Lisa R. Chun, DO, MME; Amelia L. Bueche, DO; Janice K. Knebl, DO, MBA; David E. Tate; Heather Phipps, DO, MBA; Jessica Edwards, DO, MS; Jennifer L. Poast, DO, MA; John Paulson, DO, PhD; Carl Hoegerl, DO

AACOM’s Office of Government Relations hosted its 2019 OHPF Seminar on December 11 – 14 to provide fellows with a comprehensive overview of the federal government’s role in health and higher education policies. Over the course of the seminar, officials from the U.S Departments of Education, Health and Human Services, Veterans Affairs, and the Government Accountability Office presented to the fellows. Judith Mun, AACOM Director of Government Relations, and Julie Crockett, AACOM Senior Federal Regulatory Affairs Manager, provided fellows with welcome remarks and an update on AACOM’s government relations efforts to open the seminar, followed by a presentation by Mark Speicher, PhD, MHA, AACOM Senior Vice President for Medical Education and Research, on AACOM’s medical education and research initiatives.