AOGME Member Spotlight July 2023: Elizabeth Zmuda, DO

Published July 27, 2023


Elizabeth Zmuda, DO, is an accomplished physician who graduated from Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine (OUHCOM) and completed a dually accredited residency in pediatrics at Nationwide Children’s and OhioHealth Doctors Hospital. Once considered innovative, this collaboration allowed her to see the value of shared organizational resources to enhance the quality of graduate medical education (GME), while maintaining osteopathic principles and practice. Using her passion and experience in population health, Dr. Zmuda currently serves as director of medical education at OhioHealth Doctors Hospital, where she enhances the education of 11 ACGME-accredited residency and fellowship programs (10 of which have Osteopathic Recognition). Dr. Zmuda credits her support system from a large health system, while also maintaining commitment to osteopathic medicine, education and the care for the greater community. With her passion and experience in population health, Dr. Zmuda has practiced clinically in pediatric emergency medicine, osteopathic manipulation and behavioral health, as well as served as faculty in the OMM department at OUHCOM.

As a national speaker and leader, Dr. Zmuda highlights the importance of proper health, emotional support, parenting, and nutrition for children as the strongest preventative strategy for population health as a direct nod to osteopathic medicine. Dr. Zmuda continues to be an exemplar of leadership as chair for the Ohio Home and School Health Committee through the Ohio American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and member of the Executive Committee for the National AAP Council on School Health. Dr. Zmuda has recently authored her first book chapter on School Nutrition for the AAP’s Pediatric Nutrition Handbook and is currently working on another chapter and school health policy statements for the AAP. Actively engaging in health policy advocacy, Dr. Zmuda sits on the National Health and Wellness Advisory Council with members of the Gen Youth, CDC, USDA and other federal agencies to support health policy change.

Representing AACOM and the AOGME, Dr. Zmuda will serve on the National Advisory Council for the AIAMC National Initiative IX on Social and Moral determinants of Health. This will also be Doctors Hospital’s first initiative to lead within OhioHealth, fostering a deep collaboration between GME programs. Dr. Zmuda values these connections, such as those formed within the AOGME community, where the individuals, collaborations, shared experiences, willingness to problem solve and offer support enrich her experience both within and external to our community.

Looking at the future of GME, Dr. Zmuda envisions more collaboration under ACGME to allow osteopathic GME programs to benefit from the longstanding infrastructure and research of traditionally allopathic programs while promoting the value of OPP, OMM and the care for the medically underserved and rural communities as the profession’s strength. For those starting their careers in academic medicine, Dr. Zmuda advises that this field is the most challenging yet rewarding thing a physician can do. She feels compelled to create the best learning opportunities, relationships and sustainable growth so that the future of osteopathic medicine is strong and bright. When Dr. Zmuda is not actively championing osteopathic medicine, she enjoys unwinding with her partner, four children and three dogs. Though, Dr. Zmuda finds a way to integrate OPP into her hobbies with her new passion for Ashtanga Yoga, following her life’s mantra, “We are all better together.”