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Leadership Institute


Osteopathic Health Policy Fellowship
2022-2023 Planning Calendar

Second Half 2023

 Month  Dates  Location  Topic
January 13-15 ATSU-SOMA Vulnerable Populations
February 10-12 Virtual


March 17-20 Dallas AOCFP Conference*
April 14-16 Detroit Urban Health
May 12-14 Virtual Technology
June 17-21 AACOM HQ, DC Advocacy, Hill Visits, Graduation

* Attendance not required as part of the Fellowship.

Osteopathic Health Policy Fellowship
2023-2024 Planning Calendar


 Month  Dates  Location  Topic
 August 16-18 Columbus, OH Orientation
 September 22-23 Virtual Healthcare Systems; QI/QA
 October 19-20 ICOM - Boise, ID State Government;  Rural and Underserved; Technology
 November 17-18 Virtual Paying for Healthcare
 December 8-9 AACOM - DC Federal Agencies


 Month  Dates  Location  Topic
 January 13-14 Virtual  Vulnerable Populations
 February 8-9 UNTHSC - TCOM Fort Worth, TX Elderly and Aging; Women & Children's Issues
 March 8-9 Virtual Healthcare Workforce
 April 11-12 Oklahoma - Cherokee Nation Campus Native American Health, Telehealth, Federal Support, and Training Programs
 May 10-11  Virtual Urban Health
 June 10-11  AACOM - DC Advocacy, Hill Visits, Graduation